Solo Exhibition

2017 Agglomeration, Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY11205

2014 The Mountain, the Lake,  China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Residency Exhibition, Trestle Gallery, curated by Carmen Hermo

2017 Small Works, Trestle Gallery, curated by Bill Carroll

On view: July 6th-July 27 2017

Location: Trestle Gallery, 850 3rd Ave, suite 411, Brooklyn, NY11232 

2017 Graduate Fine Arts 2017,  The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery

Juried by Antonio Sergio Bessa.

The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery, Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby, Brooklyn, NY11205

On view: June 12-Sept 20. 2017

2017 Alt-Facts Group shows,

Curator: Noel Caban

Pratt Studio Gallery, Pratt Institute,  Brooklyn, NY.


2017 Novelty Fun Pack, Pratt Studios Gallery, Pratt Institute,  Brooklyn, New York

Curator: Travis True 

2016 MFA Open Studio Show, Pfizer Building, Brooklyn, New York

Curator: Anthony Palocci



2018 Public collection-  {Philosophical}; Alienation.    

collector: Vindi Tent Art Hotel

(located in Xishuangbanna [ʦɯ˧˥ʦɯ˧˥ʦəu˧ pʰaː˥˩saː˥tai˥˩ sip˥sɔŋ˥ pan˥˩naː˥˩], Yunnan Province, China)


2018 Performing assistant, Picnic Parade by Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Art in Odd Places 2018: BODY.

2017 Assistant for Pat Lipsky

2017 Participating in “Moat” as a performer and stage setting.

“Moat” is a performing project by dancer Jodi Melnick and sculptor John Monti. Which was presented in "River to River festival, New York" at Govern Island.

Jodi Melnick, “MOAT,” River to River Dance Festival, sponsored by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,

Governor’s Island New York, NY  (June 2017) 



2018 Visiting Artist/ critic panels; “Undergraduate 18/Sp senior sculpture final critic”. Pro. Curtis Mitche as moderator

2017 Visiting Artist/ critic panels; “Undergraduate 17/Fall senior sculpture final critic”. Pro. Curtis Mitche as moderator

2016-2017 Teaching Assistant;Studio Monitor Pratt Institute Ceramic Studio; Metal Shop

2017 Teaching Assistant; “17/Fall - METALWORKING I”, School of Continuing & Prof Studies, Brooklyn Campus (CE) Continuing Education, Pratt Institute

2016 Teaching Assistant;”Ceramics”, Pro.Julia Kuin, Pratt Institute


2019 Kateigaho,, 2019. Artist Interview. Japan

2019 “Diverse the Media, New the Art“, Wallpost, China

2019 “Diverse the Media, New the Art”,Artron, www., Feb. 2019. China.

2018 “Future AGG“, Xiaolin Cheng. Art Maze Mag, Issue 9, 2018. Curated Selection of Works by Kim Savage. P 105. Unite Kingdom.


2018 Trestle Gallery Residency Program (Jun.-Dec.)



2015.8-2017.12  Pratt Institute Majoring in Sculpture  Degree: Master of Fine Art. Graduate Scholarship

2010.9-2014.6  China Central Academy of Fine Arts Major in Public Art, Sculpture Degree: Bachelor of Art